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Javakheti National Park

Spend your week-end in a diverse destination called Javakheti National Park. Javakheti National Park is unique with its flora and fauna. It is possible to plan 7 various types of hiking, horse-riding and bicycle tours.

140 species of nesting or migrating birds can be found in the National Park. Javakheti National Park is the only place in Georgia, where there is a chance to see flamingos.  

There are many lakes on Javakheti Plateau, including the biggest lake of Georgia - Paravani. Javakheti Plateau is the coldest place in winter in Georgia. Javakheti lakes are frozen temporally during the winter period.  The rich lakes of different species of fish are ideal for amateur fishing.

IUCN Categories:
1) National Park 



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If you prefer to spend your free time in nature, and have a desire to observe migratory birds,

visitor centre offers visitors to hire binocular and use a special tower.

For more details please contact to - 577 64 04 82

Cycling Tour

There are cycling trails at National Parks of Georgia for those who prefer cycling than walking. No reasons to worry if you do not have your own bike, we offer a bike rental service.

1-day rent price - 25 Gel; For pupils and students - 20 Gel

Please contact us for detail information - +995 577 64 04 82


National Parks of Georgia are perfect place for hiking lovers. There are everything to create unforgettable memories - marked trails, tourist shelters and picnic places.

Please contact us for detail information - +995 577 64 04 82

Fly Fishing

If you love fishing, Javakheti National Park is waiting for you! Fly fishing is very popular in National Parks. You and your friends can enjoy nature and go fly fishing at Kartsakhi Lake.

Please contact us for detail information - +995 577 64 04 82

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Snow Shoes Tour

Snow show service awaits you in Javakheti National Park, during winter season. It is possible to hire snow shoes in Javakheti National Park’s Visitors’ Center. 

To hire for 1 day – 15 Gel, every additional day – 10 Gel. 

For more detail information please contact us to the following number - 577 64 04 82

Available at following parks

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  • Birdwatching
  • Cycling Tour
  • Hiking
  • Fly Fishing
  • Snow Shoes Tour

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Around Park Objects

Akhalkalaki Local Museum

Akhalkalaki Local Museum– Many ancient calendars that are made of bronze are stored in the museum

Vardzia rock - cut Monastery Complex

Vardzia rock-cut Monastery Complex(XII-XIII cc.) – distance from Akhalkalaki to Vardzia is 40 km (by any means of transport). We can also reach Vardzia through village Apnia, from where we can descend onto Vardzia via beautiful serpentine. Distance from Akhalkalaki to Apnia is 24 km, from Apnia to Vardzia – 3 km.

Medieval Castle of Khertvisi

Medieval Castle of Khertvisi – 25 km away from Akhalkalaki.

Kumurdo Monastery
  • Kumurdo Monastery (X c.) Distance from Akhalkalaki to village Kumurdo is 10 km. The monastery is located in the centre of the village. There is a beautiful gorge near the edge of the village. If you follow the gorge to the south, after passing 7 km you will reach village Apnia. From Apnia, via the serpentine, you can reach Vardzia.
Samsar rock-cut Monaster
Samsari rock-cut Monaster (VIII-IX cc.) – the distance from Akhalkalaki to village Samsar is 22 km. It is advisable to drive a 4-wheeler car to get there.
Satkhe Cyclopean Fortress
  • Satkhe Cyclopean Fortress – if you go from Tbilisi to Akhalkalaki via Tsalka, arrive in Ninotsminda, near village Satkhe you will find Cyclope Fortress.
Toria Cyclopean Fortress
  • Toria Cyclopean Fortress – 12 km from Ninotsminda, above the village, you will find ruins of the fortress. Some walls still remain. There is a place of worship nearby.
Kaurma Bridge
  • Kaurma Bridge (XII c.) – it is located 7 km away from Ninotsminda (length – 170 m. width – 4 m).


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